Our Expertise


Constantly Pushing Technological Boundaries


Drilmaco Pte Ltd opened its doors for business in 1997, providing machining services to the major material suppliers in Singapore. As the company grew and gained a larger market share, our service line was further extended to meet the needs of manufacturing and oilfield service companies in the oil exploration and its industries to include supply of  material, full turnkey work, Non Destructive Test (Magnetic Particle Inspection & Dye Penetrant Inspection) and pressure testing up to 20,000 PSI.

Today, Drilmaco is an industry-leading provider of specialized manufacturing services, providing our customers with a wide variety of machining processes coupled with some in-house special processes capability:-

  • Deep hole drilling/boring (Semi-auto and CNC)
  • Gun Drilling (CNC)
  • Treplanning (Semi-auto)
  • Honing (Horizontal and vertical)
  • Turning (Horizontal: Manual, NC and CNC)
  • Turning (Vertical: CNC)
  • Milling (Horizontal: CNC with boring quill)
  • Milling (Vertical: Manual and CNC with rotary indexing)
  • Turn-milling (CNC)
  • Straightening
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection & Dye Penetrant Inspection
  • Pressure Testing

Our customers have a critical need for expert machining processes that is are performed effectively. That is why our team further refined our core business and enhanced our capabilities in internal diameter (ID) boring on cylindrical materials from 0.25" to 14", for material lengths reaching up to 20-30 feet.



Quality Investments

In order to deliver this, Drilmaco invested in an additional fleet of specialized deep hole drilling and honing machinery, tailor-made equipment, high-end CNC machines and a wide range of toolings and accessories.


Progress & Performance

Over the span of nearly 2 decades in the business, Drilmaco is proud to have grown from offering machining services, to the manufacturing of critical components and complete finished products that meet the most stringent specifications required by the oilfield industry. In 2005, our fabrication division was set up to manufacture subsea structures and semi-finished equipment for use in oil exploration and production. This division focuses deeply in the construction of structures and frame works in accordance to our customers' individual needs. Besides serving the subsea industry, our expertise in fabrication was also extended to the marine and offshore industry.

From machining services to fabrication work, Drilmaco is committed to delivering solutions that meet the needs of our customers around the world, backed by the latest technology and industry-leading performance guarantees. We are proud to be the trusted name of major manufacturing plants in Singapore, and recognized as a key participant in the Singapore Supporting Industry for the Oilfield sector.